The Benefits and Stressors of Major Life Transitions

Even the most positive changes and transitions in life can be scary and stressful. But, they can also be beneficial for several reasons.

Changes and transitions in life could include:

  • Having a child
  • Getting married
  • Starting a new job/career
  • Moving to a new place
  • Retiring
  • Becoming an "empty nester"

Experiences such as these can allow a person to become stronger because they challenge one to face unique stressors and rise above them. This typically influences personal growth and self-discovery, enabling one to grow stronger and more confident, and more resilient, ready for whatever comes next in life.

Still, however positive a life change may be, it can be incredibly stressful because it generally impacts multiple aspects of one's life. Along with the eventual benefits of life transitions, one can still experience anxiety and depression in the process due to the stress of it all.

Change can also contribute to fatigue, trouble eating well, trouble sleeping, and headaches; in some cases, it can cause someone to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Thankfully, there are several ways to manage these symptoms of stress when facing life transitions:

  • Take leisure time for self-care and relaxation.
  • Make healthy daily choices, like maintaining a healthy sleep and exercise schedule and eating nutritious foods.
  • Avoid making too many changes at once - especially another big change
  • Prepare yourself by researching and learning what to expect about your new situation.

If symptoms persist and you have trouble coping with a life transition, therapy can help you adjust and learn effective ways to manage the difficulty and stress that come with life changes.

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