"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."

— Lily Tomlin

Becoming a confident, self-assured woman!

For a woman life can be tough, demanding, confusing. On the outside your life may look wonderful but on the inside it’s a different story. Deep feelings of loneliness…a sense of not measuring up…feeling that you’re not good enough…always questioning yourself…wondering what’s wrong with you.

The key lies in your relationships with yourself and others. Yet in a world where we relate superficially via email and texting, it’s easy to forget how to talk to each other. No wonder it’s difficult to build those intimate connections you long for. 

The answers are close. They are within you. The first task in building healthy relationships is getting to know yourself.

When you look out at the world and see what you want, but you don’t know how to get it, I can help you to:

  • Deal with the frustrations of past relationships that didn’t work out.
  • Heal emotional issues (e.g. shame, guilt, abuse, trauma) that create barriers so you clear the path to what you really want.
  • Learn key elements to building healthy relationships. 
  • Develop new skills, tools and ways of thinking that help you deal with unpleasant emotions for the rest of your life.
  • Create positive changes that help you become more confident, self-assured and better equipped to make the best decisions.

If you believe and desire for Christian principles, prayer and/or scripture would help, I will incorporate those – but only if you desire.

In addition to working with women, I have a limited number of spots available for men.

The “fit” is important

Even if you’re not sure what to ask, or don’t quite know where to start talking about your situation, give me a call at 913.730.6778 or email me at diane @dkschmidtcounseling.com.

The fit between therapist and client is a huge factor in the success of therapy. If, after an initial conversation, you don’t feel I’m the right person for you, that’s OK too.





Help, I'm Living Introverted in an Extroverted World!





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