Resilience: What is it and How Do You Build It?

When a person has psychological resilience, they bounce back quickly from adversities in life rather than let their struggles overcome them. 

Early life experiences and genetics can dictate one's resilience, but there are also ways to build it. One of the best ways to improve this psychological quality is by maintaining a positive attitude whenever possible and practicing being more optimistic. Optimism means seeing the bright side of a given situation which can also help prepare you for negative circumstances and events.

Resilience is an important quality to have when it comes to failures. If you want to build resilience, focus on not taking setbacks so personally and see failures or mistakes as feedback that can propel you toward your goals. Be open to the losses in life as much as you are the wins and find meaning in your challenges. 

Along with resilience is the ability to manage your emotions. Make it a daily practice to tune into how you feel. When a stressful or challenging thought comes up, take a moment to sit with the discomfort and reflect on how you feel. Being able to mentally and emotionally cope so you can protect yourself from the negative side effects of stress is part of what it means to be resilient. 

Daily habits can indirectly improve your resilience by lowering stress and keeping you grounded, such as eating and sleeping well, exercising, and prioritizing self-care. Also, be sure to maintain close relationships - it is important to have a reliable support group at your disposal to help you get over life's hurdles.


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